California Days Away from Passing Cottage Food Law

First Texas, then Georgia and now, California may pass a Cottage Food law enabling citizens to bake and sell as much as $50,000 worth of baked goods a year from home.

t would allow “non-potentially hazardous food” such as bread, cookies, cakes, fruit pies,  and other baked items to be sold out of houses, apartment complexes and other residences. In other states, these cottage food laws have helped thousands of people generate some income and explore the possibility of owning and operating a food business without the huge overhead of a commercial operation.

California already is a hotbed for the farm-to-table movement, increasingly popular as consumers become skeptical of mass-produced food and begin placing a premium on products with recognizable sources and sustainable production.

The number of farmers markets in the US are growing and opening new opportunities for food entrepreneurs.

“Homemade foods breed personal connections between food producers and their consumers,” said Christina Oatfield, food policy director for the Sustainable Economies Law Center, which helped develop the bill.

The new law, if passed in California will require that home-based bakeries meet certain requirements. According to the LA Times,

Under the bill, home food producers would still have to obtain permits, label their products as homemade and offer lists of ingredients. Their gross annual sales would be capped next year at $35,000, rising to $50,000 in 2015.

Those selling directly to consumers would have to register with their local health departments and complete food handler courses. Purveyors selling through a retailer would also be subject to health department inspections.

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Start a home bakery business

If you have dreamed of opening a home based bakery, look no further. We are in the process of compiling all the resources for starting a legal, licensed home bakery business. It seems that all of the information online and even in books is conflicting and confusing. With the many new cottage food laws coming on the books in more states, the opportunity to start a home-based bakery has never been greater. Our goal is to simplify the information so that you can proceed with confidence and clarity in opening a profitable baking business at home.

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